The Name – Sheds are workhorses.  Though they are simple, they pack an industrious punch and are full of usefulness.  These homes are meant to be a hub for the various activities of life.  A place for dinner with friends.  A place where family is celebrated.  A place where projects are thought of and worked on.  A place where relationships are cultivated.  A place where people come together.

The SHED is a four home project along the 101 corridor in Leucadia, California.  Designed to encourage community, a shared courtyard driveway provides a casual gathering space for residents, neighbors, and friends to socialize, bbq, and be outdoors.

Have a look at our progress here  –  The SHED – Build

These custom homes will be available for rent soon.  We expect to be ready for move-in beginning of December.  More info coming soon.  If you are interested in living here, please contact us here – CONTACT

the-shed-night-3-e1459533853176.jpg the-shed-courtyard-1-e1459533871825.jpg